Held Humanity Counselling interviews Jade Kennedy, BHK MSW RSW.

Who do you work with in your practice?
I work with youth and young adults, ages 12-25. As a young person, transitioning into teenagerhood or early adulthood, the world is constantly changing and it can be a difficult place to navigate. Being a young person in today’s society can be a daunting place to be in, and it is
important to support those who are becoming adults, as it can be a lonely and isolating time in their lives. As a counsellor, I aim to support this population to discover who they are, in a safe, non-judgmental space, each and every session.

What’s inspiring about your clients?
My clients inspire me everyday, as they bring forth their unapologetic and authentic selves to every session. The challenges they face each day can be extremely daunting,  even to adults, and it challenges my outlook on youth and young adults’ resiliency each day.

What do you offer them as their counsellor?
As a counsellor, I am able to offer multiple approaches, including Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), as well as providing a safe, non-judgmental space for each youth or young person, to explore who they
are becoming and how they fit into this world.

How do you work with them?
In my sessions with youth and young adults, I allow the individual to discuss anything that is pertinent in their life, that they feel is something they are struggling with. By allowing them the freedom to deliberate the inner workings of their mind and work in a judgment free space, youth and young adults can develop their own opinions and views of the world, as they discover who they are and who they want to become.

Where can clients learn more about you? 
You can find me on:

Anything else you would like to say?
As someone who both accesses counselling services and provides them, I recognize the importance of finding the right counsellor for your needs.

Here Together,

(Sept 13 2022)