Many of my clients ask me, why can’t I get over it?

One of the most concise answers I have heard is: “because that one thing brings up everything”.

In trauma therapy, we are constantly being compassionately curious to understand what’s going on within someone as well as around them (both past and current).

Often, clients describe feeling overwhelmed and/or upset disproportionately to the triggering event/stimulus. The client will often report that the particular event in isolation isn’t a “big deal” but it is experienced as a big deal.

No one wakes up wanting to feel symptoms of trauma. No one chooses to feel the discomfort, pain, and disconnection that trauma brings. Psychoeducation on the why it is experienced as a big deal is transformative and empowering. There are so many whys.
Knowledge truly is powerful. Understanding is powerful.

I truly believe the more we can understand the complexities of trauma and help others to understand all the whys will have a positive ripple effect for individuals working through their trauma(s) and the larger community. May we all have more compassion for ourselves, each other, and our communities.

Here Together,