👬 Evidence-based practices are integral to excellent therapeutic services and so is practice-based evidence! One thing I have noticed in my practice is that ‘weird’ is an umbrella term for many different experiences.

They say: That’s so weird.
I ask: What kind of weird?

There are many subcategories of weird – “good weird”, “I am not sure weird”, “different weird”, “pleasant weird”, “uncomfortable weird”…the list goes on!

Weird often comes up when:
💡 a lightbulb moment happens for a client in their thinking
🌟 a new connection is made in relationship to the body’s experience
👬 an understanding comes forward about a relationship with someone else
☮ deep peace of mind is experienced after reprocessing something
🧠 the nervous system feels safe and settled and it’s recognized

Weird is exciting–because there is a wealth of information attached to it. May you enjoy the exploration and all the weird!

Here Together,