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Deep Brain Reorienting ‘DBR’

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Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) is a trauma specific therapy that focuses on the treatment of attachment shock, and can also be helpful for other unresolved trauma experiences.  By focusing on head and neck tension this provides an anchor in part of the memory sequence that occurred before the shock/trauma/emotional overwhelm.  By bringing your focus to the sensations it helps to alleviate symptoms.

Lauren will be completing training in DBR at the end of October 2022 and will be offering this service in the near future!

What Does Deep Brain Reorienting 'DBR' include?

  • It was developed by Dr. Frank Corrigan and aims to access the core of the traumatic experience in the brainstem (focusing on the sensations head and neck)
  • It invites you to deepen your awareness into the orienting tension (sensations in the head and neck) to remain grounded in the present
  • By staying in the present, the mind is not swept away by high intensity emotions nor does it go into a frozen/compartmentalized state where one can lose sense of the here and now
  • Can be an effective method of processing attachment trauma and other traumatic experiences

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